Who We are?

Editec is headquartered in Mexico City and our editorial team is based in Buenos Aires, Both teams have more than 30 years of experience in the publishing business delivering editorial services: writing, translation, design, composition, illustration, audio, video and incorporating new technologies such as XML, HTML, DPS, SCO's etc.

Our Mission

To provide integral services and solutions for the editorial industry, from the concept and creation of contents through the generation of a final output.

Our Vision

To be the best option for publishers, due to having the best quality, Spanish language knowledge, structure, commitment, experience and capacity to adapt to the ever changing market needs.

Our Team

  • Carlos Flores Suárez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Carlos Arturo Flores

    Strategic Planning Director

  • Luciana Kirschenbaum

    Editorial Director

  • Manuel Rud

    Editorial Director

  • Laurette Flores

    Art & Media

  • Lillián Ramírez

    Production Director

"A team passionate about surpassing our client expectations"